Arian Johnson

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Coming from a SAIT-fueled software development background, my quest to become a full-stack developer pushed me into pursuing additional credentials in Electronic Publishing, at Mount Royal University, to cover the bases of UI/UX. This was fine, but it simply wasn't enough; I needed more—to become the fullest full stack developer, dead or alive. This goal spawned an urge to learn more about the environments my code will run on.

From there, I garnered a deep understanding–and admiration–of the lower-level layers that make up an application, which soon landed me into the field of DevOps. Since then, I have managed to cultivate an air of expertise in both the development of software, the operations that take it through quality assurance into production, and I'll make it look good to boot.

Skills & Highlights


DevOps overview
  • Ansible - 6 yrs
  • AWS - 6 yrs
  • ContainerD - 2 yrs
  • Docker - 4 yrs
  • Kubernetes - 3 yrs
  • Networking - 10 yrs
  • pfSense - 8 yrs
  • Puppet - 7 yrs
  • Qemu/KVM - 6 yrs
  • Terraform - 4 yrs
  • Vagrant - 4 yrs
  • vSphere - 7 yrs


Languages overview
  • AWK - 6 yrs
  • BaSH - 13 yrs
  • GoLang - 3 yrs
  • Java - 4 yrs
  • Javascript - 14 yrs
  • Perl - 6 yrs
  • PHP - 6 yrs
  • Python - 8 yrs
  • Ruby - 4 yrs
  • Rust - 3 yrs
  • VB.NET - 7 yrs


  • Django - 2 yrs
  • ExpressJS - 8 yrs
  • Rails - 3 yrs
  • ReactJS - 9 yrs
  • SocketIO - 7 yrs


  • MongoDB - 8 yrs
  • MySQL - 12 yrs
  • PostgreSQL - 12 yrs
  • Redis - 6 yrs


  • Innovative

  • Self-Learner

  • Personable

  • Creative

  • UX Aware

  • Highly Adaptable

  • Automates Everything

  • Reliable

  • Loves Standards

  • Quick-Learner

  • Low-Key Technopath

  • Above & Beyond


GuestTek Interactive Entertainment Ltd 

: RoleDevOps Architect

  • Managed project delegation, tracking, scheduling, hiring. training, and the overall direction & standards of the department.

  • Guided the company's Agile processes using JIRA & Jenkins. Created Java plugins, workflows, etc.

  • Headed the design and upkeep of the company's production & lab infrastructure worldwide.

  • Adopted ContainerD, Docker, Kubernetes, and other technologies.

: RoleJr. & Sr. DevOps Engineer

  • Developed scripts and applications to monitor, remotely maintain, and automate using Python, Ruby, BaSH.

  • Implemented infrastructure-as-code strategies such as Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, Anaconda/Kickstart, Red Hat Satellite, etc.

  • Created a QEMU/KVM virtualization solution that allowed multiple client products to run virtually on a single physical server, offering client cost-savings, and extending OS compatibility well beyond EoL.

  • Worked extensively with Amazon Web Services such as EC2, VPC, Route53, IAM, etc.

: RoleData Management Lead

  • Developed innovative tools for the streamlining, analyzing, profit leading and proactive monitoring of a vast collection of client networks, utilizing VB.NET, SQL, SNMP, and BASH Scripting.

  • Increased report efficiency via SQL/Avaya automation within the VB.NET Framework, reducing time consumption by 75%.

eVectr Services Inc 

: RoleLead Web Developer (Freelance)

  • Developed a prototype marketplace application from the ground-up for a start-up, using the Stripe Connect API for payment handling.

  • Built a custom framework built on top of NodeJS, ExpressJS, SocketIO, and PassportJS for the backend; and ReactJS, Socket.IO, and Flux Architecture for the front-end.

  • Architected the data structure with MySQL, MongoDB, and REDIS for caching/session management.

  • With this, the company was able to secure an initial investment in the realm of six-figures.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 

: CreditRed Hat Certified Engineer

  • Recognized expertise in BASH scripting; Ansible components, installation, and configuration; creating plays and playbooks; working with roles; module usage; advanced features.

: CreditRed Hat Certified System Administrator

  • Recognized proficiency in BASH scripting; run-level, process, and service management; partition and logical volume configuration; file system permissions, encryption, and ACLs; deployment; user/group managent; firewall and SELinux facilitation; virtualization and containerization.


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology 

: vSphere: Install Configure Manage

  • Mastered the core concepts of VMware's vSphere system.

  • Deployed and utilized ESXi, vCenter, vMotion, SAN/NAS, etc.

: CreditCollege Diploma, Computer Science

  • Gained fundamental full-stack concepts through object-oriented and functional programming, databasing, networking and technical-writing.

  • Developed frontend Java GUIs for use with pre-coded backend structures. Created backend code for pre-made GUIs. Developed full, ground-up object-oriented applications including database design, production server setup, networking, etc.

Mount Royal University 

: CreditBachelor of Communications, Electronic Publishing

  • Acquired a deep sense of design principles and technical writing in web & print media.

  • Designed web & print media with Adobe technologies, such as Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator.

  • Transformed ambiguous, wordy prose into readable, engaging, deliverable text for its intended audience.

  • Learned and worked with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.